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Make The Pain Go Away

Pain makes the world go around. whats yours?

*Your pain is our pain*
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*Content may be triggering*

Normal people just dont get it. People with problems make the world go round. Whats your pain? Come, join me and discuss all your hidden problems, Disorders, moods. Whats realy going on truthfully?

Specialising in ED and self harm.

Not pro anything, however, not anti-anything either.. just supportive.

*Community moderated by jedi_kenobi_* Having had first hand expierence with drug addiction, overdoses, self harm, eating disorders, abuse, assult - basicaly you name it.. So feel free to talk to me if you need help/support/advice.. Thats what razortag is for.

Membership is moderated for member safety.. :D
You dont have to post stats, no photos NOW rules, no detailed applications to guarantee membership - just share and support.