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Hey there.

I thought I would share a poem I wrote.
Even though it doesn't have anthing to do with self-harm 
because I haven't had a strong urge to do it in awhile, which is good, I guess.

Type your cut contents here.The only thing that saddens me,
is that you're not by, my side.
I can buy anything in this world to keep me satisfied,
but it only works for so long.
Then it just kills me  to know that you're not here with me
to talk to, 
to laugh with,
to enpower me, 
and to know that everything will be ok.
You made me feel on top of the world, 
that there was nothing to worry about, 
that we ruled and everything was how we wanted it.

Now I feel lost, lonely, and powerless.
Small, sad, and afraid in this place.
I just want to look up and see you.
I need your hand to lift me when I fall.
I crave your encouragement and your soft hand in mine.
Your warm, strong embrace around me.
Your tender spoken words.
Your joyfull laughter.
Your loving kiss.

I miss you.
Come back to me...

Everything has stopped without you.
                                            I'm just waiting to begin...

Thanks for reading.
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