painfulxistence (painfulxistence) wrote in razortag,

how did i get this low?
i had a rule.
if i cut at all.
it's at home.
i fucking did it before school and in school.
and i ae macncheese :[ i made it with 1tsp. butter-23.3cals and instead of milk i used water so it was better but then i also had oreos and peanut butter.
i'm so worthless.
i'll never love myself.
i'll never feel good about stuff that other people wouldn't think twice about (the oreos and pb) >:'[
also today we went in the dark room for photography.
i had a panic attack.
i think only one kid noticed.
but i was honestly freaking out on the verge of tears.
mehhh gots to put new bandage on my finger.
i'm so stupid =\ 
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