Кошка, которая любит нырять (ljusalfheim) wrote in razortag,
Кошка, которая любит нырять

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Not too lively here, eh? Well, it should be, I suppose.

I`m still struggling. Because I REALLY want to find a job, good job, I want to be able to support myself. Then maybe move out and... fall in love?
Oh I wanna start a new life.

I wonder if I can. Wonder if I can find someone who`ll accept me.

Keep telling myself: "Hold on, hold on".... Still...

Oh well.
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Yeah its not very lively is it..

Im the most depressing person I know and I didnt think I'd ever find anyone who could accept me. Im currently in a great relationship with a guy who realy accepts me for who I am. I thought he might have low standards, but it seams things just work out.

Ive made so many mistakes in my life, but this has been the healthiest one.

Hold on dude, things get better. Trust me.