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hey there,
i'm Natalie,22 years old.i suffer from bipolar disorder (manic depression)since i was 13,but it just gets crazier and deeper as time goes by.i also have OCD,GAD and an ED;i also used to self-injure;went through sexual abuse in my childhood.I've been on vivactil,wellbutrin,effexor,signopam,zoloft,rispolept,remeron,clonazepam,seroxat,clonazepam,stimuloton and so on.Hospitalized several times.I guess i will be starting lithium or seroquel this week and i'm terribly worried as i always greatly suffer from the side effects.
i'm a student and the subject i'm studying is Russian (my native)language and literature.
i'm collecting angels and butterflies.
i love music,cinema and theatre,travelling,writing and receiving letters,reading,drawing,being with my friends.
i'd love to find friends to snail mail with,who understand what i'm going through,so that we could support and help each other.Please e-mail me at skinlikevelvet@rambler.ru,so that i would give you my address.
sorry it's X-posted like crazy:(
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