No-one Special (jedi_kenobi_) wrote in razortag,
No-one Special

Stop doing this to me.

To those of you who know me in real life. Fuck you.

This was a personal community, you have no rite to go parading around that you know all my problems, you have no rite to spy on me. You have no rite to tell other people about its existance, no matter 'how bad you feel'. How do you think *I* feel..? Why do you think these things *were not* public knowledge?!

My life is not a public billboard, please stop treating it like it is.

I have been totaly humiliated and mortified by people other than those directly involved knowing intimite details of my life. Those directly involved KNOW THEY ARE, they are not self-proclaimed saviours who *think* they need to know everything thats going on in my life, just so that they can tell people and drag out problems for longer than they should last. Those directly involved have a _right_ to know, no-one else.

Fuck you, I didnt even want the important ppl involved finding out most of my life. How do you think I feel, knowing that my whole life is now public knowledge.

I just wanted to get on with my life and have a place to vent. Fuck you all for turning it against me. My target audience relied on the fact the community was not friends only. I need this place. Is nothing sacred anymore?

I hope you like the concequences. I dont. They will be with me to the day I die.
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